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Sağlam Uluslararası Taşımacılık LTD. ŞTİ. has been established by members of Sağ family on 12/05/1988 in Antakya/Hatay. Many of goods could not be exported and imported due to lack of corporate company for refeer transport, so Sağ family seen the this vacancy on the market about temperature controlled shipment.

Although Sağlam Uluslararası Taşımacılık LTD. ŞTİ. has started temperature controlled shipments on transportation sector in the future we got authorized service license from Volvo, Iveco, Otokar and Renault, which that brands already were in our fleet. So this helped to our horizontal growth and we have started to provide service to other transport company in the market. Istanbul branch office has been established in 2005 as parallel market developments and our growth targets.

Sağlam Uluslararası Taşımacılık LTD. ŞTİ. has become one of the biggest solution partners in temperature controlled transport sector since foundation day which companies demonstrate sustainable growth with wide range of service, meet the needs and expectations of customers with top-quality approach, with stable and innovative performance. As Sağlam Uluslararası Taşımacılık LTD. ŞTİ. takes aim at innovation, mesaurable and a sustainable growth and we support our service approach with ISO-9001, ISO-39001 and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certificate.


Our Mission

To be a leading shipping company that offers a wide range of transportation services to the firms that are engaged in trade and contributes to the country and the collective.

Our Vision

To become the leading logistics company providing fast, reliable, high quality and profitable logistics services to its customers with its own organizations in important trade centers of the world.


Having seen himself as a partner of his client, Sağlam sees this structure as a reason to be able to establish logistics services with consciousness and responsibility, to make these things work and supervise and to constantly develop. In doing so, it commits to work in a safe and high quality manner with respect to business ethics, respect for employees and related parties, honesty, awareness towards the environment, business and healthcare policy, and the principle of creating added value.


  • Placing customer at the center of all values,
  • Having confidence in Sağlam's deep-rooted history and 30+ years of experience,
  • Focussing on success, teamwork and constant improvement,
  • We value being a center of attraction and an innovative enterprise.


Being the first company to be preferred by our customers with professional, educated and motive employees and business partners, with innovative and high quality services and also being a global company that catches the leadership in the international and domestic markets.

It is our first and foremost mission to create a company that will closely monitor and recognize all customers and the market, and will be able to meet customers' expectations with the fastest, most competitive and highest quality products and services, and will be dynamic, innovative and continuously develops itself with employees and business partners.

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